5 Reasons ELYXR Blows Away the Competition

When it comes to muscle renewal and feeling your best, there’s simply nothing that performs quite as impressively as ELYXR. Discover five reasons why you should reach for ELYXR when you need a deep dose of natural recovery.


ELYXR is an ultra-concentrated formula that balances out your active lifestyle with fast-acting muscle renewal while nourishing your skin.

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1. ELYXR is made from natural ingredients—with purpose.

ELYXR’s formula boasts natural plant actives like menthol and capsicum that support deep recovery and renewal, as well as antioxidant-rich botanical extracts that intensively hydrate and nourish skin.

2. ELYXR delivers much more than muscle relief.

Speaking of the above, ELYXR’s formulas work from the inside—and out. As muscles experience recovery, you’ll also experience noticeable skin benefits including improved texture and elasticity. No need to use multiple products.

3. ELYXR works fast.

This is wellness—without the wait. ELYXR’s formula contains a specialized absorption system that yields on-contact results, instantly alleviating post-workout soreness, relaxing your muscles, and calming screaming joints.

4. A little ELYXR goes a VERY long way.

ELYXR’s carefully chosen natural ingredients form specialized complexes designed to help you recover and renew like no other. And a few drops go a long way; it takes four containers of competing products of the same volume to equal the strength of just one bottle of ELYXR.

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ELYXR Advanced Pain Relief is an oil-based formula composed of only the highest quality ingredients and natural actives* (*Menthol and Capsicum) to deliver next-level feel-good benefits. Infused with bio-botanicals, powerhouse compounds and plant-derived extracts, it delivers 4x more active ingredients than competitors’ products.